• We are a university with a strong emphasis on student-centered education that prepares our students for a life of service to their community. Our classes are led by leading practitioners in their fields to provide students with real-world skills and enable them to complete their degrees job ready. The mission of the university is to be at the forefront of the advancement of knowledge in this Century through ground-breaking research agendas that inform policymakers, the business community and our teaching.

  • Teaching and Research Focus: Our mission is to be a leading educational institution where our teaching is underpinned by the ground-breaking research of our academic staff so that students can enter the workforce with innovative skills and knowledge in their fields of interest.

  • Prepare Students for Work: We are a leader in our community, preparing future leaders for careers within health, education and scientific fields that will serve the community in which we practice. Our educators are focused on skill readiness so all students regardless of background will be able to become successful, competent and confident practitioners.

  • Global Leaders: We are a university with a focus on developing leaders with distinctively global perspectives on social, cultural, economic and environmental issues affecting this Century.

  • Community Service: Our mission is to develop community-oriented professionals who have the social, emotional and cognitive skills to contribute to our thriving and diverse city. Through job readiness programs underpinned by the latest research, we prepare our students to be connected, empathetic and inclusive members of society.

  • Godly Values: Our mission is also to promote God’s word. We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of God’s truth and values in everything we do, while preparing tomorrow’s leaders to serve their communities in various ways and with the fear of God. Hence, doing right.

  • Innovation: The university works every day to be an innovator in teaching and learning. We bring together the latest technologies, research-informed knowledge and dynamic learning spaces to identify solutions to the complex global problems.

  • Business Engagement: We connect business, community leaders, researchers and students to create a dynamic community designed to serve all stakeholders. Through pioneering research, we help businesses become innovative world leaders and prepare students to become the business leaders of tomorrow.

  • Rural Areas: Our university is committed to serving our state’s rural community and the unique needs of our region’s industries. We progress research and education in agricultural and raw minerals industries with the goal of developing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of food and energy security that are key concerns to our region. This is evident from the formation of the African Soils Against Poverty(ASAP) which we founded in 2021 and graduated hundreds of the needy/vulnerable learners in Zambia, Kenya, and the Congo DR through a diploma in Agribusiness & Entrepreneurship(AE).