The IBT is a department of Central International University-CIU and Diversity Learning Institute-DLI which handles the international business relations of the CDT Group. Following are some of its functions.

1. Market Research and Analysis:
Conducting research on global markets to identify potential opportunities and threats.
Analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.

2. Regulatory Compliance:
Ensuring compliance with international trade regulations and local laws in different countries.
Managing customs and import/export regulations to facilitate smooth cross-border transactions.

3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management:
Coordinating the movement of goods across borders efficiently.

4. Negotiation and Relationship Management:
Negotiating contracts and agreements with international partners, suppliers, and distributors.
Building and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders in various countries.

5. Export and Import Documentation:
Handling the preparation and verification of export and import documentation.
Ensuring compliance with documentation requirements in different countries.

6. Cross-Cultural Training:
Providing employees with cross-cultural training to navigate and understand business practices in diverse international environments.
Fostering an inclusive and culturally sensitive work environment.

7. Financial Management:
Monitoring and managing financial transactions related to global business activities.

8. Market Entry Strategies:
Developing strategies for entering new international markets. Assessing the feasibility and risks associated with market entry options 

(e.g., joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions).

9. Policy Development and Compliance:
Developing and implementing policies related to international trade.
Ensuring that company practices align with global business standards and ethical considerations.

10. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Promotion:
Identifying potential opportunities for foreign direct investment in new markets.
Developing strategies to attract foreign investors to support the company's international expansion.

11. Investor Relations:
Cultivating and maintaining relationships with international investors.
Providing transparent and timely communication to investors regarding the company's performance and international initiatives.

12. Risk Assessment and Mitigation:
Conducting risk assessments related to international investments.
Implementing strategies to mitigate risks associated with political, economic, and regulatory factors in different countries.

13. Capital Market Strategies:
Developing strategies to access international capital markets for fundraising.
Managing the capital structure and optimizing financial leverage for international operations.


1. MIG Consultants, Zambia &  Germany

2. Eluko General Dealers, Germany

3. Amaka Ya Bwingi (AYB), The United Kingdom

4. BWOT Resources, Kampala, Uganda

5. Fikha Consultancy, Texas, New York, The USA

6. SAID, The United Kingdom

7. AIDC Hamburg, Germany

8. Ecostex Boustedt GmbH, Hamburg, Germany