Mr. Johannes Thomsen

CIU Incubator, Consultant & Partner

Hamburg, Germany

Mr. Thomsen's Brief Profile: 

As a Car Engineering, he has worked with top companies, such as Porsche Car Company, VW Car Company, Mercedes-Benz, and more. Currently, he runs his own engineering firm in Hamburg, Germany and he is also a business investor and consultant.

Mr. Thomsen adds to our CIU great team that is running the CIU Incubator to benefit our students, international partners, and investors willing to do business in Africa. The CIU Incubator sets you in!


Below is a description of the CIU Incubator activities that benefit both Germany/Europe and Africa.

Startup Incubation:

  • Provide physical workspace and facilities for startup teams.
  • Offer mentorship and guidance to early-stage entrepreneurs.


Cross-Cultural Entrepreneurship Programs:

  • Develop entrepreneurship programs that cater to the diverse cultural backgrounds of students in Africa and Europe.


International Networking Events:

  • Organize events that facilitate networking among students, faculty, local entrepreneurs, and global business leaders.


Global Market Research:

  • Conduct market research to help startups understand and tap into international markets, with a focus on Germany, Africa, and Europe.

Business Skills Workshops:

  • Conduct workshops and training sessions on essential business skills, including marketing, finance, and strategic planning.

Technology Transfer:

  • Facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge between students and startups in Germany and Africa.


Cross-Continental Mentorship Program:

  • Establish a mentorship program that connects experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from both Germany and Africa with startup founders.

Cultural Competence Training:

  • Provide training on cultural competence to help entrepreneurs navigate the nuances of conducting business in diverse environments.

Student Exchange Program Management:

  • Coordinate and manage the student exchange program between Germany and Africa, ensuring smooth transitions and cultural integration.

Skills Transfer Initiatives:

  • Develop and oversee programs that facilitate the transfer of skills between students in Africa and those in Germany and Europe.

Collaboration with Industry Partners:

  • Foster collaborations with industry partners to create opportunities for internships, joint projects, and real-world application of skills.

International Pitch Competitions:

  • Organize pitch competitions that allow startups to showcase their ideas to a global audience and attract potential investors.

Ecosystem Building:

  • Contribute to building a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem by collaborating with local and international organizations, incubators, and innovation hubs.


Access to Funding:

  • Assist startups in accessing funding opportunities, including connecting them with potential investors or guiding them through grant applications.

Alumni Engagement:

  • Engage with CIU alumni who have ventured into entrepreneurship, creating a network of successful entrepreneurs who can mentor and support current students.

International Workforce Exchange and Investment Assistance:

  • CIU Incubator, provides the CIU trained students to opened up their own businesses, to eventually, become employers. 
  • We also create a hub from which  companies in Zambia-Africa could seek their services.
  • Facilitate the exchange of skilled workforce between African students and professionals associated with CIU and European companies seeking diverse talent.
  • Assist European countries in identifying and recruiting qualified individuals from Africa through partnerships and matchmaking initiatives.

Gains and Mutual Benefits:
For African Participants:

  • Access to employment opportunities in European countries, fostering skill development and career advancement.
  • Exposure to different work cultures, methodologies, and technologies, enhancing professional growth.
  • Contribution to the global workforce and potential for cross-cultural collaboration.


For European Companies:

  • Access to a diverse pool of skilled and culturally aware professionals from Africa.
  • Fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace, promoting innovation and creativity.
  • Strengthening international ties and partnerships between European countries and Africa.


Investment Assistance for European Countries:

  • Provide support and guidance to European countries interested in investing in Africa, connecting them with local businesses and opportunities.
  • Facilitate partnerships and collaborations between European investors and African startups, contributing to economic growth in both regions.
  • Offer insights and resources to navigate regulatory frameworks and cultural considerations when investing in African markets.